The Video-Game Wizard takes us through the African Gaming scene where we explore some of the best (and worst) games coming out of Africa, but first, we take you on a short tour on what’s new in movies, TV and comics this week.

Jungle Book live action movie

Crusaders and Legacy by Thomas Ikimi Staring Idris Elba

Nostradamus by Thomas Ikimi

Jessica Jones – Netflix series by Marvel

Kuluya games – win money while playing games


Aurion Legacy of the Kori-Odan by Kiro’o Games


Tales of Hassan – 2D sidescroller from Ghana

Broforce – Play the Brototype here

Stasis – Isometric Point & Click Horror Sci-fi Adventure Game


Afrobeats Warriors – 2D beat-em-up featuring parodies of Nigerian musicians

Gamesole – most profitable game studio in West Africa

Orbi – “The twitter for voice app” on iOS or Android

Ludo Online – game by one of the hosts of this podcast



Kiro’o games thoughts on game development in Africa


STASIS [Online Game Code]

Tasty Poison Games – developers of Neon Shadow and Pocket RPG

Snailboy – Puzzle platforming game by Thoopid Games

Fleet of One – schmup game by Polymorph