Somto Ajuluchukwu makes a return to the Kugali Podcast. He is the founder of Vortex inc, one of the fastest growing entertainment companies in Africa. Somto joins us to discuss Vortex’s plan for the next couple of years which includes publishing 40 new comics and producing two video games. We’re also joined by Yamakasi, one of the newest storytellers working for Vortex who joins us to talk about his ongoing comic book series Orisha Pikin.

Video Games Vortex is working on:

Mumu Sare by Vortex Inc

Endless Runner featuring characters from Mumu Juju and Orisha Pikin

Spirit Wars game by Vortex Inc

Fighting Game featuring Vortex Inc Characters

Our first interview with Vortex Inc in 2015

Find out more about Vortex and how to get many of their comics for free here

This week’s recommendations:
Yamakasi: Orishi pikin
Tobi: June XII
Ziki: Kirikou

Orisha Pikin