This week we have Tonya Moore, blogger, speculative fiction writer and certified Otaku. In this heavily anime/manga focused we touch on the portrayal of women and black people in anime and manga. The android in the banner image you see above is Delores, a character from Devious Machines, written by Tonya.

So here are links to all the things we geeked on about in this episode:

New Berserk anime 2016

One Piece is Tonya’s favorite anime and might be the longest running anime/manga series of all time

Wolf Guy – Manga about werewolves and delinquents and high school….enough said

Attack on Titan is about soulless titanic human-like creatures that eat humans. Watch on Crunchyroll or Funimation.

Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-blooded orphans Tonya’s watching the most recent Gundam anime

Tephlon Funk!,

Tokyo Ghoul – A boy becomes a half-human, half-ghoul and is forced to adapt to their lifestyle to survive. The thing is, ghouls eat humans.

As scary as it looks

As scary as it looks

Parasyte – Imagine being forced to live with a parasite who tried to take over your brain but failed and ended up as a part of your hand instead. Watch it here

Magi the Kingdom of Magic

Soul Eater had great diverse racial and gender representation.

Lady Snowblood – The tale of a young girl who is born and raised to be an instrument of revenge.

Here’s a small selection of books by Tonya Moore. Follow the links below for more

Tonya R Moore
Tonya R. Moore is a science fiction, fantasy and horror writer. She loves anime, manga, and all things speculative fiction. She founded also



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