In this episode, we geek out and banter about Sci-Fi shows, movies and books with the lovely (and corny) Sci-Fi author NOVA Sparks. She cofounded DiverScifi, a new SciFi & Fantasy convention celebrating, promoting, and encouraging diversity in all forms of media and the arts. They would like to hold the first annual convention in New York City. You can help fund the convention here.

Books by NOVA Sparks

Here’s the paperback version

Or get both at once

Between asking NOVA what she’s currently into, and bringing up our own suggestions, all these awesome stuff came up:

A book by Natasha Larry

A book by Natasha Larry

James Crawford Leech Series

Start with the book one if you want to test the waters first.

Nova Sparks is a scifi writer from the Bronx, author of the bestselling DOME trilogy, co-founder of DiverSciFi, and a certified alien hybrid