We’re joined by Jide Martins, founder of Comic Republic, one of the biggest African comic book publishing companies. We talk about their flagship character Guardian Prime, revisit our appropriation vs inspiration debate before looking at what Comic Republic has in store for 2016.

Our favorite Comic Republic character on the Tao of Otaku is Eru, the impersonation of fear.

If fear met you on the streets of Lagos...

If fear met you on the streets of Lagos…

Guardian Prime is a little kid with the ability to transform into a full grown superhero.

Guardian Prime, whose power comes from the faith of a child

Guardian Prime, whose power comes from the faith of a child

Jide also told us about upcoming comics Visionaries and Battle Beasts Arena:

First announced on the Tao of Otaku podcast, a war of the gods story called Visionaries. Oshosi a god hunter, sent by Olodumare (the King of the gods) to deal with gods that have misbehaved. He has to hide in the body of a little boy though, so the other gods don’t find him. Battle Beasts Arena is about kids in possession of ancient warriors, who then do battle with those warriors.

world-chicken-6185-1290185565-7Listen to Episode 8: The Chicken that laid the Earth where we talked about the Yoruba origin story of the world, and learn how Olodumare sent a giant chicken and a golden chain to create the earth.


Jide was inspired to start his own company when he attended the first Lagos Comic Con. We took these pictures at the 2015 Convention.

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Uruhuru – One of the comics Jide saw at the first Lagos Comic Con


Jide Martins is an artist, creator of Guardian Prime and the founder of Comic Republic