In this episode we’re joined by animation expert Paula Callus to cover the world of African animation. We look at high concept animations as well as more political and educational works.

The best part is Paula Callus who works as a lecturer of computer animation at Bournemouth university. Originally from Malta, Paula took an interest in African Animation after growing tired of the same old mainstream narratives we see from Disney, Cartoon Network etc.

During her time at the university Paula worked with a number of African animators such as Adamu Wasiri the creator of Bino and Tino. Eventually she was recruited by UNESCO to work on a project called Animated Africa where she collaborated with a number of African creators to produce a series of Animated shorts.

Paula has continued to immerse herself in the world of African Animation and is literally a walking encyclopedia when it comes to the subject.

Iwa by Shof Coker

Outcasts of Jupiter by Shof Coker

Outcasts of Jupiter Comic Preview from Shof Coker on Vimeo.

Iwinyo Piny Animated Music video on Just a Band’s Youtube Channel

Ha He (kinda like Kenyan Chuck Norris) by Just A Band

Tinga Tinga Tales (this one had a big appropriation debate)

Greedy Lords of the Jungle (Funny story)

Mark of Uru by Segun Williams and Obinna Onwuekwe of TransTales Entertainment

African Digital Media Academy in Rwanda

UNESCO’s Africa Animated, which Paula worked on

Paula’s favorite Non-African animations:
Princess Monoke by Studio Ghibli
The Tale of Princess Kaguya by Studio Ghibli
Almost anything by Mike Scott

Paula’s Blog on African Animation

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